Sunday, March 05, 2023

February Third Saturday Carving Project

Our club president provided basswood blanks for members of SDWC to carve a blue bird as featured in the 2003 Spring issue of Woodcarving Illustrated.  Pictured is a sample of the project completed by Arne Bortnem.  The carving was done with a whittling knife and a few little gouges (no power tools).  The eyes were carved with a #10, 4 mm, back bent gouge, painted black, and highlighted with clear fingernail polish.  Left over copper house wire (14 and 12 ga.) was used to make the legs and feet.  Wing and tail feathers were outlined with a small 90-degree V tool.  A wood burner added the final detail to feathers. 

Sunday, January 22, 2023

A Good Time to Visit Florida!

Feb 7-10, 2023 .... tues-fri

WELCOME to the 2023 Florida Woodcarvers Roundup!  Please check out our excellent class lineup listed below. You are welcome to take one class or even four straight days of classes. Create your own schedule! Walk-ins welcome however it is best to pre-register before the class fills up. Register by class # by email or call Chris at 507-339-0336. 

Location: VFW/North Port • 4860 Trott Circle

Carve Fest