Wednesday, August 30, 2006

September Meeting

The September meeting for the South Dakota Woodcarvers will be held on Saturday, September 16th at 9:00 am at the Ed Wood Center on the campus of Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls.

The project for the meeting is carving the "Buffalo Nickel". You may also bring a project you have been working on to busy yourself during the meeting.

We're always interested to see completed projects for an informal "show and tell".

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Beginning Chip Carving Classes

Starting Sept. 7th, 9:00 am for four Thursdays.

Students will need:
  • A chip carving knife (some loaners available)
  • A small triangle
  • T square
  • 6" ruler with metric and inches
  • White eraser

Practice boards will be furnished.

Class is limited to 10 students. Fee is $12.00.

Register at the Center For Active Generations before Sept. 1st. (CFAG membership is not required for a one-time class).

Need more info? Call Frank O at 333-9980

2006 Sioux Empire Woodcarving Exposition

Bill Dickey won the People's Choice ribbon for his realistic pair of Crappies.

Competing in the pyrography (wood burning) category, 'The Old House' by Nancy Cummings won First Place and Best of Show in the Novice Class.

Gale Berven moves into the Advanced Class by winning the Best of Show with his one piece whittling of a Teal duck.

Don Clemetson won First Place in the Realistic Human category and Best of Show for the Advanced class with his carving titled "The Gathering".

Other places are as follows:

1) William Dickey - Crappies in Basswood

Bark Relief--Human
1) John Jussel - Mountain Man (Cotton Wood Bark)
2) Dennis VanGoor - Wood Spirit (Cottonwood Bark)
3) Nancy Cummings - Wood Spirit (Cottonwood Bark)

Bark Relief--Non-Human
1) Craig Johnson - Outhouse (Cotton Wood Bark)
2) Craig Johnson - Whimsical House (Cotton Wood Bark)
3) Craig Johnson - Eagle (Cotton Wood Bark)

Birds of Prey
1) John Cummings - Eagle (Basswood)

Caricature Group
1) John Jussel - Best Buds (Basswood)
2) Ron Schulte - Best Friends (Basswood)
3) Dick Sabers - The Four Seasons (Douglas Fir)

Caricature--Advanced Class
1) John Jussel - "Ya Wanna Piece A Me?" (Basswood)
2) Richard Peterson - Self Portrait (Basswood)
3) William Dickey - Janitor (Basswood)

Caricature--Open Class
1) Mike Willeson Coffee & a Toothpick (Basswood)
2) Dennis VanGoor - Old Sea Captain (Basswood)
3) Mike Willeson - Gramps & His Wheelbarrow (Basswood)

Chip Carving
1) Frank Orthmeyer - 10" Plate (Basswood)

Decoy--Natural Finish
1) Gale Berven Teal (Basswood)

1) Frank Orthmeyer - Mallard Hen (Basswood)
2) Gary Gibson - Pintail (Basswood)
3) Gary Gibson - Canvas Back (Basswood)

Fantacy Creatures
1) Corne Ellis - Carosole horse (Basswood)
2) John Cummings - Dragon (Basswood)

Interpretive Sculpture
1) Paul Seevers - Braided Flow (Lilac Wood)
2) Dennis VanGoor - Humming Bird, Rose, and Old Shoe (Butternut and Basswood)
3) Ron Schulte - Green Man (Basswood)

Open Category
1) Dennis VanGoor - Maple Leaf Candy Dish (Butternut)
2) Paul Seevers - Waves / Bowl (Walnut)
3) Dennis VanGoor - Little Shoe (Basswood)

1) Nancy Cummings - Old Farm House (Basswood)
2) Nola Tollman - On the Run (Basswood)
3) Evelyn Huntimer - Ocean Beach (Basswood)

Realistic Animal
1) Gale Berven - Squirrel (Cottenwood Bark)
2) Richard Peterson - Stay Close to Me! (Basswood)
3) Richard Peterson - Mom Did You Hear That? (Basswood)

1) Don Clemetson - The Gathering (Red Cedar Log)
2) Don Clemetson - Mountain Man (Red Cedar Log)
3) Dick Sabers - Mask of Christ (Walnut)

1) John Jussel - Kris Santa with Staff (Paulowinia)
2) John Jussel - Santa (Basswood)

Shallow Relief
1) Craig Johnson - Barn (Basswood)
2) Lorraine Pearson - Call of the Wild (Basswood)
3) Gene Dickey - TheTwo Bears (Basswood)

Song Bird
1) Lorraine Pearson - Cedar Waxwing (Basswood)
2) Frank Orthmeyer - Cedar Waxwing (Basswood)

Walking Sticks and Canes
1) Ron Schulte - Eagle Staff (Basswood & Poplar)