Tuesday, December 30, 2014

To Be or Not to Be....

That is the question.  Whether it is nobler in the spirit of tradition to suffer the requirements of an oppressive IRS and greedy State Secretary, find members willing to hold office, and comply with our written Charter and Bylaws,... OR to throw in the towel, let the non-profit corporation known as South Dakota Woodcarvers be dissolved, let it die, or put it to sleep in the annals of history.

Should we not then be free to meet as usual, socialize, and whittle pieces of wood as we have done once or more a month for over thirty years? Or why not simply enjoy the same by merging with classes regularly and weekly held at the Center for Active Generations.  No more sponsoring Shows and Sales or competitions! No need for money in the Bank or redwood signs or logos!

Ay, there's the rub, for who knows what trouble it is to end a corporation?  How do we disperse the funds? Who will keep the volumes of Newsletters, minutes of meetings, and scrapbook of clippings and pictures. And....Will Bill O'Reilly write a book called "Killing South Dakota Woodcarvers, Inc."?

I have a hard time throwing things away.  It's sort of a hobby of mine to figure out a way to reincarnate  something destined for the land fill into some useful tool.  A resolution to dissolve SDWC, Inc. has considered and proposed to be brought to a vote at our annual meeting, January 17, at the Center for Active Generations.

I, for one, will vote to let the corporation live on, another day, another year.

Happy New Year!