Tuesday, May 12, 2009

March and April Meetings Report

Don Arend may have questioned whether his wound-wire tree art had any relevance to woodcarving, but everyone who attended the March meeting was fascinated by his presentation. He showed how he used a homemade jig to twist the strands of wire from several spools at once and displayed a number of unique samples mounted on natural wood formations. We are happy to welcome Don as a new member of our club!

Dick Sabers, who has referred to some of his own carvings as "enhanced nature," was inspired by one of Don's creations to make some carved additions. This creation (picture right) was displayed at our April meeting.

The carving project for the April meeting came from patterns published in Woodcarving in the Scandinavian Style by Harley Refsal. Band saw cut outs for "The Auditor" (in honor of April 15th, tax day) and "Johannes" (peasant with pitchfork) were provided for $2.00 each. (There are still a few blanks leftover for the May meeting.)

Meet the Members

Ron Schulte, Member Since 2000

Ron Schulte and his wife, Sharon, have lived in Sioux Falls for forty-three years. Before they moved to the big city, they were farming in the area of Emery, SD. Ron has worked as a rural insurance adjuster and a flower wholesaler. Currently he is called to offer his service to law and order as a bailiff in the Sioux Falls Courts.

Sharon is big fan of mah-jongg and will play this popular Chinese game two or three times a week. Quilting has been another one of her favorite hobbies. Ron and Sharon try to make a one-week (or week-and-a-half) trip each year. These trips have included traveling to Yellowstone, the Bad Lands, a rodeo in Canada, Peace Gardens, and Eastern Iowa. Ron used to do more fishing than he gets to do today. Ron and Sharon have two grandchildren who live with their daughter and her husband in Denver, CO, and two sons who live in Sioux Falls.

Carving for Ron began about twenty years ago when he was between jobs. His first carving was a gnome, carved after he bought one for reference. Other early works were small Christmas projects. Carving caricatures is his favorite pastime. Today, Ron is working on a very ambitious project: carving a complete chess set, along with the chessboard. Ron doesn't play chess, so he will let his son and grandson "fight it out". Some of his carvings are sold, but most end up in other houses as gifts.
Ron is a regular at our club meetings and always eager to pitch in on projects. Thanks much Ron! Glad you are with us.