Friday, October 13, 2006

October - November Newsletter

Greetings SDWC members and fellow woodcarvers!

A lot fine work by many of our members went into carving 4X4 samples for the wooden quilt so expertly assembled by John Cummings into a remarkable display that should be placed somewhere for viewing by the general public. Currently it resides in my basement in the midst of books in boxes, my few carvings, and a collection of clutter that seems to increase exponentially as it clamors for a permanent resting place. John said the quilt belongs to the club, so it is the club which must assume the power to rescue it from its current demise and decide how best to insure its benefit to society.

Shall we put it up for auction at the Park Ridge Christmas Show and Sale and donate the proceeds to charity? Shall we find a public place, restaurant or bank, art gallery or grocery store, where it could be hung on the wall with a dispenser for club brochures? Or shall we just put it into storage along with the round redwood signs and bring it out once a year for the fair? I look forward to hearing your decision on this matter at the next meeting.

Your Secretary, Arne Bortnem

Last Meeting…
We enjoyed the company of new member Glen Novak and guests Derrick Bookup and Ryan McKeever. Since March of last year Craig Johnson, Paul Seevers, Arlyn Thomas, Lloyd Whitley, Dennis VanGoor, and Bob Miller have all signed up as new members.

With so many new faces and names to remember, Vern Luke's suggestion that we enact a penalty for not wearing our name tags might be in order. How about let's prove to him that we can all remember to wear our name tags without the penalty!

Next Meeting...
Saturday, October 21, 9:00 AM, at the Ed wood T & A Center. Blanks for carving tree ornaments and small items that might be good for Christmas gifts will be available.

Meet the Members

Dennis Van Goor (Club member for two years)

Dennis Van Goor’s home is in Sioux Falls with wife, Dianne. Together, they have four children, eleven grandchildren and one great grandchild. Dianne’s hobbies include a mission in Bolivia called “Manosmao” (Hand in Hand) and spending time with their grandchildren.

Dennis is a retired USDA Meat Inspector who worked in packing plants in and round the area of Sioux Falls—even as far away as Esterville, Iowa. After USDA, Dennis followed his desire to drive a truck and is now employed at Runge Trucking.
The first carvings completed by Dennis were log chains, which he carved for his mother and sister, in 1992. Classes in Blue Earth, Minnesota helped him get a good start. The USDA job had varied hours and prevented regular participation in a club, so he carved by himself until retirement. Then two years ago, Dick Sabers invited him to come to our club and he joined. Dennis likes to carve caricatures and whimsical houses from bark. Dennis says he lost count of the number of farmer shoes and caricatures he has carved and given away to Dianne, his family and friends.

Member since 1984Something few of us know about Dennis is that he is a motor cycle enthusiast. Also, Dennis discovered that judges can be different when eyeing carvings. The one blue ribbon entry and 2 or 3 reds from the Sioux Empire Expo were entered in the Spencer fair and won 3 blue and 2 reds!


Bob Locken
Bob Locken lost a leg in 1982 and tried many things to keep busy. Carving wood was one thing that kept his interest. Computer was another.

Bob’s work at NW Bell got him into working with computers. His first computer was an English model built before 1982. He did bookkeeping for his congregation in addition to his work. Today, Bob uses the tool for his finances, Email, and pictures (another hobby).

Back to Woodcarving: Bob retired in 1983 and tried several pursuits to keep busy. Several SD Woodcarvers invited him to join their club. That he did, and he enjoyed the club. Then, after moving to Colorado, he and a friend started up a carving club there. Bob helped start another carving club at Asbury Methodist Church in 1996. That club is still active with the evolvement of many of our SD Club members. One has to say that the loss of a leg hasn’t kept Bob from being an active club member.

“It’s like a bunch of guys (sorry Nancy) sitting in front of a fire place, a real pleasurable experience”.

Bob likes to carve caricatures, but his work is not for sale. All one has to do to get one of his carvings is say, “I like that one!”

Another bit of Bob’s history is that he served as club secretary for several years before he moved away to Colorado—in fact we suspect getting out of that job was a big motivation for his moving! We are indeed very blessed to have him back in our community.

Post Script: Robert Locken, retired employee of Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., died Sunday, June 5, 2016 at Southridge Health Care.   Miller Funeral Home Obiturary