Friday, February 27, 2015

Blue Heron in Black Walnut Wins at CWS Show

The great blue heron eating a snake that I started carving last August finally got a coat of clear finish and welded steel legs in time to make an appearance at the 35th Annual Artist of the Plains Show being held this weekend at the Downtown Holiday Inn.

 I thought it still needed a lot of work, but it captured the eyes of whomever did the judging, and for the next couple of days it will wear a ribbon for the three dimensional Best of Show.

Because of an unexpected invasion of athletic event participants the hotel parking at the main door has been blocked off for busses.  There may, however, be spaces in the back (north parking ramp).  There is a baracade and sign that says "reserved for Guests, but the bar will lift as you drive through.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Wondering About Whitling

There are plenty of resources available on the internet on the subject of whittling.  Here are a couple just to get you started:

Whimseys and Tramp Art

Eddy's Wood Carvings