Monday, July 04, 2011

New Meeting Place

Saturday morning, June 18, members of the S D Woodcarvers enjoyed their first meeting at the Washington Pavillion in downtown Sioux Falls. A few of us needed some help from Pres. Hansen to find our way through the doors to the south hallway leading to the meeting room on the third floor, but know that we know the way, next time will be easy.

Thanks to a lot work by our very capable treasurer, Bill Huntimer, a fun project featuring a woodpecker picking toothpicks from a simulated log bin was available for everyone at no charge. Bill even manufactured springs with the spiraled wire salvaged from plastic clothes dryer ducting. Its good to be back to back to meetings on a Saturday morning!

Our next meeting will be held again at the third floor meeting room in the Washington Pavillion.
DATE: Third Saturday, July 16
TIME: 9:00 AM till Noon