Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet The Members

Glen Novak--Member since 2006

Glen is unmarried and lives on the family farm near Hurley, SD. He spent a few years in the Army during the Viet Nahm war and another 25 years putting up metal buildings in the Sioux Falls area. After that he was a gravel trucker until he became disabled. Asked how he got into carving, Glen says, "You guys got me started!"

It was at one of the first annual show and sales at the Park Ridge Mall that Glen saw carvings by SDWC members and followed through by cutting down a walnut tree and doing some carving of his own. A westward moving pioneer family, complete with husband and wife, boy, girl and a dog all riding in a covered wagon pulled by two harnessed horses was the inspiration for one of his first works. Another historical inspiration came from the alleged sighting of an 18" high devil by travelers with Lewis and Clark. Opining that what they saw was just a jackrabbit, Glen carved a devil riding on the back of rabbit. Other carvings include buffalo, Indians on horseback, and miniatures.

While carving provides lots of pleasure, Glen also enjoys gardening and baking bread. It is our pleasure to have such a talented and active member attending our meetings and activities.

Gene Gordon--Member Since 2004

After their marriage Gene worked at a Homestake sawmill near Sturgis, SD, while Elaine earned her teacher's degree and launched a forty-year career as a teacher. Now retired, Elaine likes to paint with watercolors, enjoys music, and likes playing games with Gene, who also enjoys music and taught that subject in several schools around the state. Eventually he became a school administrator in Dubrook, SD, and also served Thirty years in the National Guard before he retired and moved to Brandon, SD.
Gene and Elaine have two children and one grandchild. Their son lives in Virginia and earns a living by plotting maps. Their daughter is a teacher in Martin, SD.
Gene was introduced to woodcarving very early in life through 4-H and grade school activities. Then, while in high school, Gene joined a carving group organized by the local Episcopal Priest. Now, besides being an active member of SDWC, he joins the Monday morning carving classes lead by Frank Orthmeyer. His favorite projects are birds and faces, and he is currently working on a full sized American Kestrel.
The art of tooling leather has been another favorite pass time for Gene. His belts, purses, and pistol holsters were popular items at various art and craft shows, and several policemen are wearing his holsters. There is also the hard, but enjoyable, work of maintaining a cabin in the Black Hills. Thank you, Gene, for your company and for sharing your hobby and skills with us.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sioux Empire Expo Best of Show Winners

Visitor's Choice Best of Show:

Mallard Hen
by Frank Orthmeyer

Best of Show in Advanced Class:


by Don Clemetson

Best of Show in Intermediate Class:

Old Time Santa

by Paul Seevers

Best of Show in Novice Class:

Cypress Knee Gnome

by Bill Huntimer