Saturday, March 05, 2016

Carving Project for J. F. Nordlie Pipe Organ Builders

All ten pipe shade "blanks" to be carved for the new pipe organ being built for the Cathedral in New Ulm, MN,  have been delivered to my shop. The curved shades, six in all, were built from 1/16 inch thick basswood strips, glued together and pressed into a form at the J. F. Nordlie Co. organ building facility at 504 S Charlotte Ave.  As soon as the carvings are done, they will be gilded in gold leaf.

The whole project is a bit behind schedule, but I'm hoping that any further delay won't be the fault of my not getting the carving done on time...I may have to give up my morning nap and restrict my afternoon nap to just 20 minutes.

Work in Progress: