Thursday, April 24, 2014

There's a Bear in That There Wood!

Cherry Wood Relief
Derek Boekoff
Had the pictures I took at last Saturday's meeting turned out, you could have seen Dick Peterson offering advice about carving the head of a bear or wolf mounted on a slice of wood, cross-cut, with bark still attached, from a basswood tree branch.  The glued-up and ready-to-carve blanks were provided by Dick along with study pictures of bear and wolf heads.  

Another picture that was too blurry to publish was of Nancy Cummings working on one of her excellent relief carvings.  She has gotten to be quite an expert at accenting her reliefs with the wood burning pen. Hopefully she will be on hand at our next Third Saturday meeting, May 17th, to help us apply the wood burned hair and details to finish our bears and wolves.

The one picture that turned out OK is another example of Derek Boekoff's excellent progress in the art of woodcarving.  Thank you, Derek, for contributing to our "Show and Tell".