Thursday, February 03, 2011

Report of Annual Meeting

“Hope and Change” was the headline for last year’s Feb-Mar Newsletter and report of the Annual Meeting. At least “Change” can be reported as a result of our most recent Annual meeting, which was held last January 13th at the STI Ed Wood Center. After a twelve-year term as Secretary and publisher of the SDWC Newsletter—plus at least three terms between 1984 and 1994--I will be handing over the newsletter templates and keyboard codes to our new Secretary, Gene Dickey.

Dick Hansen, Dick Sabers, and Bill Huntimer will continue in their offices as President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Bill's report of the Treasury showed $372.20 as total expenses; $216.00 as total income; $1276.70 as total amount in accounts at Service First Federal C. U.
Vice Pres. Dick Sabers reported on the Christmas ornament give-away last December at one of the weekly food distributions by Faith Temple. Tree ornaments, miniature S D pheasants, and other items left over from the Side Walk Arts project were handed out by three of our members to grateful recipients (mostly children) as they went through the food lines. Each was greeted with "Merry Christmas from the South Dakota Woodcarvers." Everyone who attended this annual meeting agreed that producing even more such items to give away next Christmas would be a worthwhile project for all members to work on during the coming months of 2011.

Former Pres. Richard Peterson initiated discussion about the possibility of acquiring a theft proof display case for showing entries at the Sioux Empire Fair Expo without the need for a security person to be there all the time. It was agreed that further investigation of possibilities by all interested members could produce a more definitive plan for this project by the next Thursday evening meeting, February 10th. The same was agreed in regard to the request by several members to find a place where we could have meetings again during the day on Saturday.

Many thanks to Former Pres. Peterson for all his Meet the Members articles. They really made the newsletters worth reading! Thanks for the distinct honor and a privilege to be of service, and thanks to Gene for being willing to try his hand at recording minutes of meetings and keeping everyone informed.

Retiring Secretary, Arne Bortnem