Friday, February 08, 2008

February - March Newsletter

Hats off to Bob Locken!

Thanks to Bob's initiative and willingness to get things done, advertising for our Annual Christmas Show and Sale at the Parkridge Galleria appeared in two issues of the Shoppers News. Even though Bob did not have a table to show off his carvings, either for show or for sale, he paid the bill for the ads and has refused to accept any reimbursement from the club treasurer. Too bad the show had to be canceled because of the weather! We'll probably never know how much good those ads might have done. Thanks anyway, Bob!

News that appeared in a few Internet Events Calendars about rescheduling the show for the next Saturday was completely worthless-- (judging from the few people who showed up that day to shop for woodcarvings). In fact, getting enough traffic at the Park Ridge Gallaria on any given day to make it worthwhile enough to attempt a sale of woodcarvings may be expecting too much--regardless of the amount and type of advertising we could muster. Maybe it's time for a change! (Where have we heard that before?)

The possibility of setting up a booth at the Side Walk Arts Festival next September in down town Sioux Falls was discussed at the annual meeting last month, and Vice Pres. Dick Sabers offered to investigate that possibility. It will be interesting to see what he has to say about that at our next meeting, Feb. 16th.

Who can doubt Paul Harvey?

A new sharpening tool recently advertised by Paul Harvey prompted me to check it out on the Internet web site. They had video demos for two models, the 2000 for $130, and the 3000 for $250. I thought the see-through disk and air cooling features of both models were quite interesting--not to mention lightweight portability. I began to wonder if it would be worth spending that much money for still another sharpening tool.

Then one day I happened to be shopping at Menard's (again) and noticed a large display of the model 2000 on sale for $99.99. I began to wonder if we could get Treasurer Huntimer to part with another $100 and buy one for the club to use at meetings.

A week later, needing still more material for a kitchen cupboard remodel (and to get away from "Super Tuesday" TV), I returned to Menards with a fairly sizable Big Card rebate check. After loading my cart with a sheet of oak plywood, I went to look again at the Model 2000. There was only one left on the shelf and a guy was watching the video. I grabbed the box and said, "Excuse me, I need this for a product evaluation.."

I'll have it available for anyone to try out at our meeting, Feb 16th. There's a link to the website at
~~~Sec. Arne

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