Monday, August 12, 2013

David Nye Fan Bird Raffel

A chance to win a fan bird, donated by David and Sally Nye of Fennville, MI, encouraged visitors at the 2013 Sioux Empire Woodcarving Exp to write in the name of their favorite contest entry as a vote for the People's Choice Award.  By the end of the week over 100 ballots were stuffed into the pickle jar.  Since a "Miss Sioux Empire Fair" was not available this year to make the drawing official, a young lady named Paige, who helped out all week in the Arts Building, agreed to preform this important task--even though she admitted her own name was in the mix.  The ballots were dumped into a large plastic pail, stirred up and shaken, and Paige, with her eyes tightly closed, reached in and pulled out...can you believe...the name of her own sister!  Congratulations Kiah Boetel!

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