Wednesday, January 29, 2014

34th Annual Artists of the Plains Art Show & Sale

Begin chopping in September
It has been a few years since I was listed as one of the artists appearing in the Center for Western Studies Art Show, so I was happy to accept the invitation for this year..   Anticipating that possibility late in September of last year, I started one of the most difficult and risky wood carving projects I've every attempted.  My goal was to create a bust of George Washington in a chunk of black walnut that would resemble what most people could recognize as the same person they see on the dollar bill but, also, to show the  facial expression of a resurrected George Washington viewing the current state of the union. 

Hard to know if you're not cutting off too much
The Show begins Friday evening, Feb. 14, and ends Sunday, Feb. 16,  at 3:30.  So I will miss the February meeting of SDWC, but maybe I will see you all at the show.  I don't know exactly how our new "carving theme" approach to club projects is going to work, but someone will probably have some song bird cut outs available. Please bring what ever you have to share on the subject of song bird carving!

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