Tuesday, June 23, 2015

In Memory of William J. Slater

My first encounter with the South Dakota Woodcarvers was in 1982 at the New Town Mall (now called Empire East). Several members of the club had set up displays of their work in the hall way.  At that time I considered myself as sort of a "closet carver", thinking that if folks knew I liked to spend my spare time tinkering and whittling with wood, I should probably be in an institution for the mentally challenged.

Soon after that, I attended my first meeting of the club at the home of Bill Slater, who was living with his lovely wife, Barb, at 3303 S. Garfield Ave, here in Sioux Falls.  Although I was a bit shy show off my meager attempts at wood carving, I brought along a couple of things I had made.  Bill's comment about me "having enough talent to be scary", was probably the most encouraging thing anyone has ever said to me.

Thank you, Bill, for many years of comradeship, friendship, and political correctness!

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