Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tormek T-7 Sharpener

The new Tormek T-7 sharpening system is now available for use by qualified members of SDWC and/or Center for Active Generations Woodcarving Class.  A "qualified member " means someone who has read the little booklet on Safety and has watched at least one of several U-Tube videos on sharpening with the Tormek T-7.  There is also an instruction book and DVD available in the accessories tray for "how-to-do" viewing and learning.  At no extra cost, a little pack of band-aids was included with the accessories--because there is always someone who thinks it is a good idea to test the sharpness of a tool by rubbing the edge with the flesh side of his thumb.

Here is one suggestion for a "how-to" video on U-Tube: Standard Package

Here is another: Sharpening a Chef's Knife

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