Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day One at the Fair

The weather this week would have been perfect for the fair.  We can only hope that it will continue into next week.   A dozen entries have already been submitted for the Woodcarving Exposition. The usual display elements are located again at the NE corner of the Arts Building, and someone will be there from 10 AM until about 4 PM to hang the redwood signs and lights, clean shelves, and take care of receiving all the new entries.

President Bill and I closed up shop at 4 PM.   About 30 entries were all we could count.  Some excellent relief carvings and pyrography came in from members of the Active Generations Wood Carving Class, and there were some impressive wild fowl carvings brought in by a couple of retired Lutheran pastors.

 Judging takes place at 10 AM tomorrow.

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