Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Frank!

On this day, ninety-one years ago, Frank Orthmeyer was born.   He retired from his position as City Engineer for Grand Forks, ND, in 1991 and moved with his wife, Inez, to Sioux Falls, SD.  They have four children and ten grandchildren--all of whom receive a carving from Frank each Christmas.

Frank became interested in carving during their retirement winters in Texas. Inez steered him to a carving group where the instructor gave him a knife and a cutout and said, "Go to work!"

Since then he has achieved excellence in the art of carving.  He served as Treasurer and very active member of our club. He became a beloved instructor of wood carving classes at the Center for Active Generations, and continues to be a blessing and an inspiration for everyone who has the good fortune of knowing him.

God bless you, Frank, and HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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