Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Sioux Empire Fair is Weeks Away

Last December my wife wanted the bathroom remodeled.  I said, "Why not wait until summer time when we don't have to be dragging stuff in and out in the cold weather?"  Last week she said, "Remember what you said about the bathroom?...  It is now summertime!"

So I spent some days, including Independence Day, tearing out the old and putting in the new bathroom.  Needless to say, getting any thing done for the fair is  not happening.

 Rules and Entry Form for the Sioux Empire Woodcarving Exposition can be found at Sioux Empire Fair website. (The date for Saturday judging will be corrected to read Aug. 2nd.)   Printed copies will be available at our  third Saturday meeting, July 19.

The schedule for security volunteers and Artist of the Day is the same as for previous years.  As the featured "Artist of the Day" you do some "show and tell" and get to sell your carvings with no consignment fees.  Volunteers for security watch get a  gate pass and (maybe) a vehicle pass to drive in to Arts Building Parking area.

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